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Mindful Mealtime

Conversation Starter Cards for Connection

Conversation Starter Cards for Connection

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I am a mum of 3 young kids. I know the daily struggle. Getting your kids to EAT their meal and in a timely manner. Picking the right style and colour plate and cutlery, trying new foods and finishing their fruit/vegetables can all be a challenge. As young children they can be so distracted – by toys, the television, each other. They leave the table multiple times, make lots of mess. They are always looking for something else – a drink, dessert, other food that might take their fancy other than what’s on their plate. It can be so hard, stressful and time consuming.      

I have noticed that when we sit together at mealtime and talk about our day and the foods on our plate that our kids stay for longer at the dining table, eat more of their food and practice engaging in conversation with each other. We have asked the simple question “What are you grateful for today?” every night at dinner for the past couple of years now and it has worked so beautifully as a conversation starter.

It got me thinking of other age appropriate conversation starters we could use at mealtime and that’s how these cards were created. They are the perfect pair to our tableware that will assist other families to connect mindfully with their children.     

When I was a child, our family of 4 always ate dinner together at the dining table. Distractions were limited (television off, no mobile phones and limited technology back then) and we were able to connect with each other as we spoke about our day. Now in adulthood I appreciate that my parents had those ‘rules’ around dinner time. We are still very close as a family, enjoy each other’s company and speak most days about everything and anything.

I wanted to ensure our kids, the next generation, have the same opportunity, especially in the ‘busy-ness’ of the current world. So in our family, connecting at mealtime (especially dinner) is a priority in our house including talking about all types of feelings.

These conversation starter cards include 24 open ended questions designed for kids aged 2+ in a cotton drawstring bag.

The cards can also be used to play memory or snap (my son’s favourite).

Examples of questions include:

  • Who did you see today? What do you love about them?
  • Did you feel angry today? What made you feel better?
  • What was something kind you did today?

Instructions on how to use the cards:

  1. At mealtime, select a card and read the question out loud.
  2. Take turns answering the question, ensuring every person gets to talk.
  3. Expand on the conversation starter question where possible.
  4. Select as many cards as you like.

Cards designed and pictures hand drawn by Jodie Crowley


- 400gsm artboard
- Gloss celloglaze finish
- Cotton drawstring bag


Each card 70mm x 70mm

Use & Care Instructions

- Keep cards away from water, not waterproof
- Can be lightly wiped with a damp cloth
- Return to pouch after each use to keep safe

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Donna Martin
A game-changer for busy parents

Jodie Crowley's Mealtime Conversation Starter Cards are a game-changer for busy parents seeking to connect with their young children during meals. These cards have transformed our family dinners, fostering engagement and meaningful conversations at the dining table.

With 24 open-ended questions suitable for kids aged 2+, these cards encourage children to stay longer at the table, eat more, and engage in thoughtful discussions. The simple question, "What are you grateful for today?" has become a cherished tradition in our household, creating stronger family bonds.

In today's fast-paced world, maintaining family connections during meals is crucial. Jodie's commitment to this tradition is commendable, and the hand-drawn illustrations add a personal touch to the experience.

If you're a parent seeking to make mealtimes a time for bonding and cherished memories, Jodie Crowley's Mealtime Conversation Starter Cards are a must-have addition to your dinner table.

Kristel Wedes
Great way to bring the family together

Conversation cards we bought for dinner time to encourage a more diverse range of questions especially with our younger two. Thanks Mindful Mealtime what a great idea 💡

Such an awesome way to connect!

I love our mealtime cards they are such a lovely way to connect with the kids over dinnertime, or anytime really! The questions are perfect for all ages and the bright colours and pictures keep them engaged for ages. Love these!

Jasmine H
Love these cards!

These are so cute. Our neighbour bought some for my 4 year old and he absolutely loves them. We used them to FaceTime his grandparents and it kept the conversation going and gave us a good laugh.

so thoughtful

I love the Mindful Meatltime, Conversation Starter Cards... at the end of the day, the routine definitely has felt like groundhog day sometimes... I love how using these beautiful cards, has refreshed our evening routine and provided opportunity for some really meaningful connections with my kids (8 & 6 years) ... We have laughed, we have laughed until we have cried! ... kids just say the funniest things... Very grateful Mumma... I appreciate that someone else has done the thinking for us, and popping these great questions on the cutest little cards, to support our meal time experiences and help us create some positive memories. Yay! thank you Mindful Mealtime xoxo